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Our Services

Mikasa Financial Services offers a range of financial services to businesses and individuals, including accounting, tax preparation, and financial consulting. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing personalized service and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. We specialize in helping small businesses and non-profit organizations manage their finances, navigate tax regulations, and plan for the future. Whether you need assistance with bookkeeping and payroll or strategic financial planning, Mikasa Financial Services is here to help.

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Accounting for Small Businesses:

For small businesses, accounting is an essential function that helps to keep track of finances and ensure compliance with regulations. Some common accounting practices for small businesses include keeping track of income and expenses, creating financial statements, and maintaining accurate records for tax purposes. It's important to have a good understanding of accounting principles and practices to effectively manage your business finances.

Non-Profit Organizations:

Non-profit organizations also require sound accounting practices to ensure transparency and accountability to stakeholders. Some unique considerations for non-profits include tracking and reporting on donations and grants, ensuring compliance with IRS regulations for tax-exempt organizations, and preparing financial statements for stakeholders and potential funders.

Setting up a Business:

When setting up a business, it's important to understand the legal and financial requirements for the type of business you want to start. This may include registering your business with the state, obtaining necessary permits and licenses, and setting up a system for managing finances and payroll. It's also important to choose the right legal structure for your business, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, and to seek the advice of a lawyer or accountant to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.


Managing payroll can be a complex process, especially for small businesses. This may involve calculating and withholding taxes, managing employee benefits, and preparing payroll reports for tax purposes. Many small businesses choose to outsource payroll to a third-party provider to ensure compliance with regulations and to save time and resources.

Taxes for Companies and Individuals:

Understanding tax requirements is essential for both companies and individuals. This may include calculating and filing income taxes, payroll taxes, and sales taxes. It's important to stay up-to-date with changes in tax laws and regulations to ensure compliance and avoid penalties.


Consulting: Consulting can be a valuable resource for small businesses and non-profit organizations. This may include seeking advice on financial management, tax compliance, and strategic planning. A consultant can provide an outside perspective and expertise that may be lacking within the organization.

Spending Money:

Spending Money: Managing spending is an important aspect of financial management for both businesses and individuals. This may include creating a budget, tracking expenses, and making strategic investments. It's important to balance spending with revenue and to ensure that expenses are aligned with the organization's goals and priorities.

Coaching to Buy a Home:

Buying a home can be a significant financial decision for individuals and families. Coaching can provide guidance and support throughout the home buying process, including understanding mortgage options, managing finances, and navigating the real estate market. A coach can provide personalized advice based on the individual's goals and financial situation.

How We Works

Mikasa Financial

is a accounting services company that provides a wide range of financial management solutions to its clients. The company works by using a combination of advanced technology and experienced financial professionals to help clients achieve their financial goals. Mikasa Financial offers personalized financial planning services, investment management, and financial advice to help clients build wealth and secure their financial future.

Call Us 

To get started with Mikasa Financial, clients can sign up for a free consultation with one of the company's financial advisors. During this consultation, the advisor will get to know the client's financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance. Based on this information, the advisor will create a personalized financial plan that is tailored to the client's specific needs. The plan may include recommendations for investments, retirement planning, tax planning, and more.

Our Office

Mikasa Financial offers accounting services to help clients manage their finances effectively. The company's team of experienced accountants provides services such as bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, tax planning, and compliance. The accountants use the latest accounting software to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting, which helps clients make informed financial decisions. Mikasa Financial's accounting services are designed to help clients stay compliant with financial regulations and minimize their tax liability.

Why Choose Us

Overall, Mikasa Financial's accounting services provide clients with a comprehensive solution for managing their finances and achieving financial success.

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